Greek Sayings is a word for word rendering of Greek expressions into English. This is, to a certain extent, a popular practice among Greeks learning English and a humorous way of infiltrating the dominance of the English language.

Each expression carries different connotations according to the context in which it is used and the seemingly non-sensical end-result can be the beginning of wonderful conversations over the joys of the Greek language


I’m not for many many

Your little buckets and to another beach

Shut up and swim

Good wines

Shit high and gaze

I drank my horns

Little Friday sugar Little Friday honey

Take the egg & haircut it

To go down the poisons

From the city I come & to the top cinnamon

Hair cotton dick venom

Slow the muchoil

The madness doesn’t go to the mountains

The masturbation goes cloud

For you is the life

Who? HIM! 1-0

My animals slow

With these and these the hour passed

Every last year and better

Say hello to the plane tree

Welcome our eyes the two

First face in the crab

Everyone his violin

And the God assistant

A hole in the water

Give pain

Points and monsters

You had it and in your village