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Greek Sayings

About Greek Sayings in English

By 25/08/202229 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2022No Comments

Greek Sayings is a word for word rendering of Greek expressions into English. This is, to a certain extent, a popular practice among Greeks learning English and a humorous way of infiltrating the dominance of the English language.

Each expression carries different connotations according to the context in which it is used and the seemingly non-sensical end-result can be the beginning of wonderful conversations over the joys of the Greek language.

From the all too popular ‘how from here morning morning?’ (‘Πως από δω πρωί πρωί; / Pos apó do proí proí?’), a humorous take on a common phrase often used when you chance upon someone too early in the morning (with the double ‘morning’ in the phrase being the exact translation of the Greek ‘πρωί πρωί’ said without a preposition preceding it), to ‘good wines’ (‘καλά κρασιά / kalá krasiá’) often used to express exasperation over a certain situation that either takes too long or will not bring the desired result any time soon (possibly linked to the time needed for a good wine to mature?, who knows?), a world of real-life expressions actually used in Greece every day will be revealed to you!

Go ahead, then! ‘Heads inside’ because ’the world loses oils’ (literally!)!!!

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